Digital Marketing. Simplified.



Have you spent thousands of dollars with SEO companies only to see ZERO results? Digital marketing today is the wild west! Here at online edge we see this as an opportunity to simplify the process, pricing, & provide a completely transparent environment with a 90 day money back guarantee.








Our simplified approach:

Results Driven Culture:

Small to medium sized businesses DEMAND results. Our team at online edge is hyper focused on getting results for each client we partner with.

Our unique business philosophy can be summed up this way; If we believe your desired results can not be achieved in our initial discovery, meeting we will not engage.

Our team is comprised of experts in every area of search, pay per click, social, and retargeting.

100% Transparency:

Lets face it, the online marketing world has a bad wrap. Most companies will ask you how much you can afford before making a recommendation, we don’t want to know what you can afford.

Our proposal will be 100% based on what you need & not what we think you can afford. If that saves you a bunch of money in your marketing budget, great, invest in other areas of growth.

once your campaign is live, you will have real time access to every area of marketing we are managing.

90 Day Guarantee:

Most online marketing companies over promise and under deliver, this is simply not our approach or our company culture. Our clients stay with us because we show them results and don’t require a long term contract.

We offer our SEO clients a 90 day money back guarantee. If we make a proposal and don’t produce multiple new and improved first page listings we will give you 100% of your initial investment back.

Our Unique Dashboard:

Not only do we discuss and agree on benchmarks prior to engaging, we provide a way for every client to track results in real time. Every month our clients receive a report showing them what we accomplished the previous month.

Having access on this level keeps us accountable and you informed on the progress.


Request your free evaluation

Each one of our evaluations will come with an in depth report showing you what needs improvement on your website, why your competition is winning in the search engines, and will have recommendations on how to start competing in your space.



Success Stories

Health & Wellness Franchise:

Half way through 2017 we were approached by a previous client who had sold their previous business and asked for some marketing advice. They were opening a location with a new franchise that was going to be a new concept to their market. We provided them with a comprehensive demographic evaluation and showed them how we wanted to approach their market. The advice we were giving them went against the national franchise recommendations, but we were granted an exception to try our approach.

One month out from their grand opening we started an awareness campaign to introduce the service and how it would help certain ailments. The day they opened the doors they were overwhelmed with business and quickly had to staff up. One month after they opened they were told that they had the best opening in the franchise history. From there we were granted the ability to market for any of their franchisees that chose to work with us.

Every location we have partnered with has seen an increase in business.

Medical Office:

In 2014 we started working with a 2 location medical office that was unhappy with their current digital marketing team as the results were not great. We did an evaluation of their industry, competition, and website. We showed them several holes in the current digital strategy that needed to be fixed to gain the traction they needed. Within 3 months they had over 90% of their targeted keywords naturally on the first page of google.

Over the last several years they have grown from a 2 location medical office in 2 neighboring cities, to now having 9 locations across their metroplex. We are constantly evaluating new areas that they are planning on expanding in to set up a digital footprint. Now every market they enter starts with a strong digital presences already producing leads and allowing each location to get to profitability quicker.

By approaching this account from the view point of ‘if this was our business how would we…’ our team was able to build a long lasting relationship that is based on results.

Legal Office:

We were approached by an attorney who was tired of grinding to get new business and wanted his phone to start ringing. We sat down with him and his partner to evaluate what their goals were and what success looked like. Our team did an evaluation of their market, website, competition, & set realistic expectations. Due to the competitive nature of their industry, we informed them that this was going to be a process and that we would need more time than what they initially were hoping for.

After launching their SEO campaign we closely monitored the results and made the needed adjustments to gain placement. Within 60 days they were already getting phone calls and getting new clients, 4 month ahead of the expectations we gave them. Their website becomes more relevant every month and the traffic is increasing.

The competitive nature of their industry made the initial results harder to obtain, but setting up proper expectations and producing ahead of schedule made this client extremely happy with their investment. We found out later that we came in about 50% less than their expectations on the expected investment needed and that we could have charged them way more. Because we base our proposals on what is needed and not what they could afford, they were able to invest those funds into other areas of their practice.

Small Business:

Several years ago our team was introduced to a local business that wanted to get away from print advertising and move to digital. We sat down to find out what their expectations were and how they envisioned this transition. From there we did our evaluation of the market and their digital footprint. We showed them a way to gain exposure through several different online outlets, paid and natural.

We launched a social media campaign that targeted their key demographic, an SEO campaign, and a Google Pay Per Click campaign. Within days they had received leads and were converting business at a faster rate then the print marketing had in recent years. They canceled all of their print marketing as the contracts came up and today they are 100% marketing through digital outlets. Within 6 month the Google Pay Per Click campaign became obsolete as almost every phrase they were paying for was organically on the first page. We canceled their paid ads and shifted all focus on social media and their SEO campaign.

A few years after working with the business owner we were informed that we cut their marketing budget by over 80% and their growth has consistently seen a 20% +/- growth each year. This business owner views us as a partner in his business and consistently asks for our opinions on new markets that he is exploring.