Social Media Marketing



Social media is now one of the most powerful marketing outlets. Think about how much you tell the social outlets you are using, it is a massive amount of information. As a social marketing company, we know how to harness this information for the benefit of our clients.




If you are interested in running Facebook ads, currently running ads, or have written off social marketing as ineffective, we can help. Our team has executed successful campaigns with budgets as small as $5 per day to over $50,000 per day.

If you are planning on spending more than $1,000 per month on social ads, please call us first at (866) 960-5842

“Online Edge is FABULOUS!! Not only are they highly skilled and creative social media experts, but their customer service is TOP NOTCH! No request is too big for this AWESOME team!”

Ashley Mitchell

Owner, TITLE Boxing Club Goodyear, AZ