The Team



Our team was no mistake! We have all worked together on several projects over the years and have all come together to form Online Edge. Take your time and read about our team and you will understand why we are so confident in what we do. Each of our directors have put together an excellent team of top notch talent.




Luke Truetken

President & CEO

Luke Truetken joined Online Edge with a background of business developement and marketing. He built and sold his first company by the age of 21. Luke holds his Google ceritifications in Analytics & Adwords.


Todd McCally

Director of SEO

In the past 20 years, Todd has owned and managed two Internet-based businesses that each grew to many thousands of clients. Todd immersed himself in SEO 20 years ago after much research and implementation. To date, Todd has achieved 100% success in optimizing over 30,000 websites for thousands of clients nationwide. His proficiency in optimization led to his development of a proprietary search engine optimization software program for stand-alone client-based SEO/SEM businesses.

Lee Shelton

Director of Account Management

Lee has strategized and managed the social media presence of numerous national companies and local businesses. He knows every business is unique and he has the knowledge and experience to bring any brand to the next level. Whether through Facebook ads, brand pages, Twitter , YouTube, or any other Social Media outlet, you can be confident with Lee in the strategy seat. He has extensive management and leadership training with a huge focus on customer service.

“Today we live in a world where people want to connect with the businesses they do business with. Social media allows us to not only connect, but also interact with your clients. I call this Your Brand Personality”