COVID-19: Why Digital Marketing Is More Important Than Ever

COVID-19 has, in a few short weeks, changed everything we know about the world. This is a challenge that, while not new to history, has never been felt by most people alive now. That impact has had a ripple effect through many of the things we take for granted in society, including the way we approach digital marketing in Collin County.

To start with, though there has been talk of a coming recession, it’s important to note that online shopping has done nothing but surge. That’s what makes search engine optimization in Collin County so important. People do not want to leave their homes. They don’t want to interact with people they don’t know. They still need goods and supplies, though, so they turn to the internet first. It’s not “another” option. It is the only option for many people.


Many Industries

There’s a reason that companies like Amazon have been adding thousands of additional workers and streaming services like Netflix have been floored by the sudden usage rates. These tech companies define the way people use the internet, and they’re hitting them in bigger numbers than ever.

But don’t think it’s all about tech companies. Digital marketing in Collin County is important for blue-collar industries as well. Society’s needs don’t end just because of the pandemic. People still need food. They still need roofers to fix leaks. They still need HVAC repair jobs. In fact, with reduced income levels for many workers, they’re going to prioritize these needs over the type of spending they would have done before.

Take the grocery industry, for instance. Traditionally, people buy most of their goods in person. Not with coronavirus. Now they’re looking for online options to ship items to their homes. One expert wrote that: “Grocers that can adapt to meet online grocery demand can shine as community lifelines and be ready for a larger shift toward ecommerce.”

Don’t take search engine optimization in Collin County lightly, especially now.

The Online Attention

Another side of the equation for SEO companies in Collin County is just increased online attention. There has been a surge in social media use, for instance, meaning there are more eyes, longer dwell times and more chances for ads. The opportunities are endless.

Even the virus itself has drawn people to the internet. They’re constantly on their phones looking for information. Workers who can no longer go into the office are either working from home, on their computers or simply waiting it out — on their phones. Either way, they’re connecting digitally more than ever, and a good SEO company in Collin County can capitalize on that.

A Future Shift?

One thing that will be interesting is to see if this pandemic creates any long-term shifts. Already, some movies are being sent to VOD (video on demand) services since theaters are closed. Will that continue? Workers who were told they had to come to the office are working from home. Meetings that used to always be in person are getting carried out online. When the pandemic burns itself out, will things completely go back to normal, or are we going to see a lasting internet spike as society changes? Only time will tell.

Stepping Up

Ecommerce is more popular than ever. Internet traffic is higher than ever. It’s clear where your focus needs to be. If it’s time to step up your digital marketing in Collin County to meet these new demands, please give us a call here at Online Edge. We’ll show you what steps to take and make it fast, easy and effective.