Simply put, online marketing is a necessity for a modern business. If you’re still thinking of it as a benefit or a fringe idea, you could be losing valuable leads, customers and sales. It has to be a major part of your marketing and visibility plan if you want to maximize your success.

There are multiple sides to online marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO) can improve your page rankings and drive organic traffic. Social media marketing can give you valuable interactions and grow your following. Direct ads can pull people in and raise awareness for your products and services. Knowing how to connect to your specific audience is important, but the key is this: Marketing yourself online, no matter how you do it, can be a game-changer. Every business needs to consider it.

To see how this works and why it’s so important, let’s break down some of the core benefits of online marketing:

1. Most customers use the internet to find products and services before anything else.

People don’t use phonebooks to find products that they want. They don’t wait for a commercial to settle on a new service provider. They don’t ask their friends for recommendations, at least not right out of the gate. The vast majority of consumers go to the internet first. Marketing done correctly means that they are going to find you when they do.

2. Online marketing works 24/7.

Commercials run at specific times. Billboards only get a lot of exposure when traffic levels are high. All forms of traditional advertising are limited. The internet is not. Your ads, SEO and social media profiles can connect with your customer base around the clock. Even when your company is closed, they can find the information they need — and, if you have a web store, they can even put in orders.

3. You get to take advantage of mobile culture.

It’s no secret that modern consumers are married to their phones. They use them constantly and, for many, it’s their main way of accessing the internet. Even those who own traditional desktop and laptop computers often use their phones more often. Some do not own computers at all. When you do mobile-focused online advertising, you can connect with people wherever they are. Remember, they always have their phones on them. Why not take advantage of that?

4. It’s cost-effective to put ads online and increase exposure.

Think about the cost of employing someone specifically to go door-to-door to make sales. Or the cost of creating billboards, TV commercials and other types of ads. Compared to that, online advertising is very cost-effective. When done well, it can create even more conversations for a fraction of the price.

5. You get specific data regarding your results.

You can’t always tell who saw or reacted to your traditional ads. If someone calls you, did they see a billboard and call? Did they get a recommendation from a friend? You may never know. With online marketing, all of the data is at your disposal. You can even break down demographics. If an ad sees a far higher click-through rate with male consumers between the ages of 24 and 35, you know it instantly. That can help you create a perfect campaign.

Your Approach

As you can see, online marketing gives you the advantage. The right marketing plan has to focus on the internet. Here at Online Edge, our experienced team can help you get started with a marketing plan created specifically for your company. Call now.